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Shlok MUkhrjee, “DOODLE 4 GOOGLE”

Shlok MUkhrjee,
Shlok MUkhrjee, “DOODLE 4 GOOGLE”
Shlok Mukharji, Delhi public school, New town, Kolkata.
Winner of DOODLE 4 GOOGLE.
Children day ke din 14/nov ko Google ne ek khaas doodle pesh kia hai, Amtor pr google apn doodle khud hi bnata hai lkin company bich-bich me kuch compitition bhi rkhti hai, Is bar bhi google ne ek compitition rakh kr bachho se google ke lia doodle bnway, aur unhi me se kisi ek ko choose kr kr winner ka naam aur uske doodle ki announcement ki.
Who is Winner
Google company ne INDIA me Doodle 4 Google 2022 ke compitition ke winner k roop me shlok mukharjee ko chuna hai. whe kolkata ke ek school ke student hai. Google ke home page pr aaj 14 November dinbhr inhi ka doodle dikhta rhaega. Google ke pass is saal ke compition ke lia pure deshbhar se 1,01,5000 baccho ne diseign bhje the. Inme se shlok ke duara desiegn kia gay doodle ko sbse adhik vote mile. compition ke winner shlok ki annoucement k baad google ne unkke bnay gye doodle ko apne INDIA ke home Page pr lgaya.


Google compitition ke winner ko gift ke roop me 30,000$ (Dollar)/(INR-2,436,315) ki scholar ship bhi deta hai. Iska use vhe apni future ki college ki padhai ke lia kr skta hai. iske saath hi google winner ko doodle ko t-shirt pr chaap kr deta hai. iske alawa google chromebook (laptop) aur tablet bi winner ko gift ke roop m deta hai.
GOOGLE ne INDIA ke Theme ‘agle 25 saalo me, Mera BHARAT kesa hoga ?’ rkhi thi. Isi theme pr shlok Mukharjee ne apne bnay gye Doodle me dikhaya ki agle 25 saalo me BHARAT ke scientist ECO-Friendly Robot ka nirman krenge. Iske saath hi prathvi se anthrishk ki yaatra hoti rhygi . Apne Doodle me shlok ne adhunik BHARAT ke saath Prachin BHARAT ko bhi jgha di hai. Shlok ne apne doodle me yeah bhii dikhaya hai agle saalo me yoga aur ayurved ki imoptance bhi desh me bdega.

Soil – The Serum of Life
75% of life on earth persists because of soil. If a farmer can escalade the corruption to life eruption, so we can do it as well…. Let’s do our part to produce the purest form of soil in India, forever.
Puppala Indira Jahnavi

Made in India
In line with the “Make in India” mission, India is going to take the lead in export. As per Gandhiji’s mission, our nation is going to excel in every field there by increasing our GDP and landing us on the top most position.
Satyala Siri Pragna

My Heavenly India
In next 25 years, India will be having advanced technology and there will be gender equality. Our space technology will also be advanced and we will be having beautiful green and clean India. And in terms of sports, India will be a country to win most medals than any other country.
Priya Sagar

Women Empowerment
In next 25 years, women from different fields will achieve something huge and become more independent. They would be living their dream lives by having gender equality, and empower other women around. Women would be proving themselves by showcasing that there are no limitations for them.
Aadya Rastogi

India reaching new heights
As a fast-growing nation, India has a 100% literacy rate and has built high-speed internet connections across regions. There is development in Women Empowerment and India will start becoming a cleaner and greener place to live.
Rohanshi Dabas

Green Energy is Clean Energy
This doodle represents development of rural areas. The reality of life and economic well-being of people living in rural areas. The tree in the bulb shows that we should start planting more trees for a healthy environment.
Pihu Kachhap

Blissful looking India
India will be celebrating its 100th Independence day in the coming years. We will see our country develop and grow in space research, agriculture, infrastructure, and technology. The environment will be more peaceful, and I am proud to say that we will see a spiritually rich country.
B. Kousik

Ingenious Euphoria
My vision for future India is to use cultural extravaganza, solar powered harvesting in rural areas, innovative learning VR equipped classroom, conquering space and beyond and solar electric power stations everywhere, for a safer environment.

Aleena Fathima

Journey with Jute
With ‘Jute’, in the spotlight, plastic would be totally eradicated. Be it hampers, heavy loads, accessories or stock, jute can serve all purposes, thus converting India into a pollution free zone.
Korimilli Sri Naga Akansha

The Solution To Natural Disasters
In the next 25 years, my India will control natural disasters. Remote sensing will detect cyclones and floating sockets that will convert its energy into electricity. Floor water will be collected in huge heated reservoirs to make compressed clouds in portable cylinders. These clouds assisted by drones can bring rain in drought, detection of events, accurate forecasting. And AI will control natural hazards so there is no more damage to life and property.
Divyanshi Singhal

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