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Tesla Accident

Tesla Accident

Tesla Accident in China , 2 kills and3 injured ,China me ek bda accident hua, Tesla car se hua, us waqt yeah gadi automatic mod p chl ri thi
Tesla Accident in China by TESLA, 2 kills and3 injured.
Digital dmarc: Automatic car ki khasiayat ke hisab se bhot acchi gadi mani gi hai lakin tesla car se durghtna ka kam hne ka khtra badh jata hai.
chinaka ek video khub viral hora hai jisme tesla ke ek car ne kathit tor pr do logo ko maar dia gya hai aur 3 logo ko ghayal kr dia hai, is ghtna ka video social media pr bhot teji se viral hora hai.
Is hadse ke baad car bnane wali company Tesla ne check krne me shyog dene ki baat kri hai, asa me is gathna ke video social media pr viral bhi ho rhe hai aur users ise lekar trhe treh ke reaction bhi de rhe hai, viral is video me yeah dekha gya hai china me tesla ki model ward car chlte chle aapaa kho dia tha jisse bhot accident ho gy the. video me yeah dikh rha hai ki yeah car china me park hone ja rhi thi tbhi iska command khrb hojata hai aur bhot hadse ho jate hai.

Is car ko video me bhot teji se chlte hua dekha gya hai jis ki wjh se uske raste me jo bhi chiz aa rhi hai vo use thokte hua aage bdh rha hai. car kai road ko paar kr rhi hai aur raste me uske samne aa rhi bike, cycle, gadia aur bhot chizo me takkar marte hua dekha jaa rha hai. is accident ki video social media pr bhot viral bhi ho rhi hai, users is accident ko lekar alag-alag comments bhi kr rhe hai, whi is ghtna ke bich america motor ministry TESLA (tesla company) ne kha hai ki wo iski jaach me help krega.
company ke anusar tesla ke model Y ke car ki hui dangerous accident ki check up ke lia company ne china police ki help bhi krega halaki yeah phli baar nhi hai jab tesla car ka accident hua ho, isse phle bhi ase accident ki khabar samne aa chuki hai.

A Tesla Model Y malfunctions and goes out of control in chaozhou, CHINA.
The driver was about to park the vehicle on the side of the road but suddenly it started accelerating and went out of control causing 2 deaths and 3 injuries.

Automatic car has been considered very comfortable in terms of convenience, but the risk of accident with this car increases. A video from China is going viral in which a Tesla car has allegedly killed two people and injured three people. The video of this incident is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

After this accident, the car maker Tesla has said to cooperate in the investigation. In such a situation, the videos of this incident are also becoming viral on social media and users are also giving different reactions about it. In this viral video, it has been seen that Tesla’s Model Y car in China lost control while on the go, causing many accidents. It is seen in the video that this car was going to be parked in China when it loses control and many accidents happen.

This car is seen moving very fast in the video due to which it is moving forward removing whatever is coming in its way. The car is crossing several roads and is seen hitting all the bikes, cycles and vehicles that are coming in front of it on the way. The video of this incident is also becoming very viral on social media. Users are also commenting differently about this incident. At the same time, in the midst of this incident, American automaker Tesla (TESLA) has said that they will help in its investigation.

According to the company, the company will also help the Chinese police to investigate the fatal accident of Tesla’s Model Y car. However, this is not the first time that a Tesla car accident has happened. Even before this such incidents have happened.

Tesla has recalled 14,684 Model 3s due to a software glitch that could cause collisions, China’s market regulator said on Friday, in its second recall in the country this month.

The State Administration for Market Regulation said the recall affects both imported vehicles and those made in China.

The cars being recalled don’t display the unit, such as miles or kilometres per hour, for their speed when in Track Mode, which in extreme cases could lead to collisions, it said.

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