Osman Ghazi

Osman Ghazi

Osman Ghazi

Osman ghazi Empire’ and the founder of the Osmani royal dynasty, the ruling period of the Osmani Empire lasted for 600 years. Osman ghazi was born in 1258 in Bursa near Sogut. Osman ghazi was one of Ertugrul Ghazi’s 3 sons and his mother’s name was Halima Sultan. Osman Ghazi was only 23 years old when he took the Kayi clan control in Sog├╝t and became the leader of the Kayi clan after his father’s death in 1326. Ruled for 27 years till death.
The pioneer and the principal ruler of the Ottoman Domain, Osman, was brought into the world in 1258 Promotion in Sogut, close to Bursa. He was one of the three children of Ertugrul Gazi, and his mom was Halime Hatun. Osman Gazi was just 23 years of age when he assumed the command over Kayi Family in Sogut and than rose the high position after the demise of his dad, administering for a very long time until his passing in 1326.

After his climb to high position, he assembled a few Turcoman bunches around himself and battled against Byzantines, teaming up with Alaeddin Keykubad I of the Seljuks. At the point when the Seljuk Realm stayed rulerless after the exile of Alaaddin, Osman Gazi rejoined them subject to his authority in 1299 denoting the set of experiences,
Osman Gazi proceeded with his missions against the excess Byzantine Realm nearby alongside his siblings, children, and close allies. He cut the Byzantine shipping lanes driving nearby rulers to give up. After 1320 he became ill so his children kept on battling, catching numerous towns from the Byzantines. He passed on from gout at 68 years old in Sogut and covered in the city of Bursa.
Osman Ghazi

During his standard, he wedded Mal Hatun first, from which he had a child, Orhan Gazi who later turned into the following ruler. After Mal Hatun he wedded Bala Hatun from which another child, Alaaddin was conceived who turned into his Terrific Vizier when grown up. He had a sum of 8 children and 1 girl.
Osman Gazi was nicknamed as Dark (Kara in Turkish), which as per an old Turcoman custom implies fearless and gallant individual. He was a tall man with an expansive and high chest and long arms, dim tan, round face with a slight facial hair growth and long thick mustache, slam nose, hazel eyes, thick eyebrows, had profound and fine voice, master on horse riding, sword utilizing, and fight techniques. He was fair, helped especially to the destitute individuals, in any event, giving them his own garments on the off chance that he saw an individual out of luck.

Special soldiers and friends of

Osman Ghazi

1. Bamsi Beyrek
Bamsi bey
Bamsi Beyrek was the warlord of Ertugrul Ghazi’s time and was a special friend of Ertugrul and further he won a fierce battle with Osman.

2. Turgut Alp
Turgut alp
Turgut Alp took part in many battles with Ertugrul Ghazi, later he was one of them when Osman laid the foundation of his Sultanate, then he was a commander. He was martyred in the war at the age of .

3. Savchi Bay
savchi bey
Savchi Bey was the second son of Ertugrul and the elder brother of Osman and remained with Osman till his last breath and died in battle.

4. Goktug alp
Goktug alp
Goktug Alap, Goktug Alap grew up with the Mongols and was named “Kongar” by the Mongols, later discovering his true identity that he was a Turk, he joined Osman as his brother. “Konur Alp” was a special friend and soldier of Osman.

5. Konur Alp
Konur Alp
Osman brought konur Alp to his tribe as a child and grew up with him like a brother.

6. chaarkutey
chaarkutey was so impressed with Commander Osman that he converted to Islam and later Bamsi Bey made him his son. After the death of Bamsi Bey, Charkuti was his heir.

7. Boran Alp
boran alp
Boran Alp was a childhood friend of Osman and he was a very skilled archer.

8. Abdur rehman ghazi
Abdur rehman ghazi
Abdur Rehman Ghazi was a soldier in the time of Ertugrul, later he became a Sardar, he worked with Osman

9. Samsa Chavus
samsa chavus
Samsa Chavus, he was Ertugrul’s companion and later he was one of Osman’s loyalists.

10. Gunkut Alp
gunkut alp
Gungut Alp was a companion of Ertugrul. After Ertugrul’s death, he sided with Osman.

Osman conquered many battles and conquered many forts and united all the tribes together.
Later, he declared his empire, in Osman’s life he defeated the Mongols, the Vikings, the Roman Empire and the Byzantines.
Continued the journey from a small clan to a huge empire.
Sultan Mahmud Fateh I was one of the descendants of those who conquered Istanbul and many brave Sultans was born in this empire.
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Osman was a justice-loving and very brave Sultan, doing justice during the day and helping the poor by changing disguise as soon as night fell, justice spread again in Turks during his time.
After his death, his elder son ‘Orhan Ghazi’ took over the throne.

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